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Ashburn, VA

Diablo 3

Diablo 3 will be the last game that I ever purchase that forces you to be online to play it, even if you have absolutely no intentions to play multiplayer.

The latency always hovered around 150-300ms with both FiOS and then Comcast at 2 different locations where all of my other network activity seemed nearly flawless. Combined with server congestion, updates that took the servers down, and general security concerns with having to keep my profile online, it will certainly be the last Activision/Blizzard game I will play due to such a negative experience.


I stopped buying Blizzard products after I saw what WoW would be like, was only 14 and said in the old long removed Battle.net forum that WoW would make Blizzard greedy, and all games from them would be online only from that point on. This is back when Dialup was still the most common connection type. I was rather correct in that thought with all the WoW expansions, SC2 and D3. All to "reduce" piracy, but that is a lie, as all those games have had emulated servers released, plus cracked. It was nothing more but to get the RMAH on D3 to be the new cash cow with WoW dieing.


Brooklyn, NY
reply to jmn1207
yes, it's ridiculous that diablo3 single player is affected by internet/server lag. It's seems like they just made it multiplaying-alone.
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