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McKinney Texas

I cannot see my hardwire printer that is connected to my Ubee TW RoadRunner cable modem.

Background. I had a TW Scientific Atlanta cable modem connnected to my Linksys wireless router. I did not have an issue with it but one of the TW field techs told me if I went to TW's office they would swap out my cable modem for a "all in one cable modem and wireless" and that it would be faster. So I went to the TW office and they gave me a Ubee wireless cable modem. I found it did not appear to be faster, actually appeared to be slower and the wireless range did not equal that of my linksys. That being said, my real problem is I have a hard wired printer connected into the UBee modem that I cannot access. On my linksys router I could type in and go the DHCP table and find my priinter, but not so on this Ubee modem. How can I find my hardwired printer? Also, when I do "Add a printer" in my Windows 7 PC, it cannot find the printer, which it could when I had the old Scientfic atlanta cable model and linksys router.


San Antonio, TX

I have had the Ubee device before and it caused a lot more problems than it helped. There are two things that I would suggest that you do.

First, change the ubee device into bridge mode and the ubee only acts as a modem and then you just hook it up to linksys router.

or the Second, option is to go and swap out the ubee for a DOCSIS 3.0 modem. I have the Motorola 6141 from TWC and it works very well.