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The Geezer
reply to SOFI

Re: Fraudulent charges on Rogers wireless - 443 minute call

Strange that they should ask you to follow the request on twitter!

I for one do not have a Twitter, Facebook or any other personal information stealing Internet social media service, nor do I ever intend to. It will be too bad if I need to get a problem solved via one of these routes; I guess I'd be on my own! But it is also too bad that huge communications companies like Rogers require you to use such dodgy, shady, slimy and nonsensical methods as Twitter and Facebook to resolve an issue!

Just MHO!
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Rogers does not require you to use Social Media to escalate issues. This Rogers employee is simply extending an offer of assistance. The OP and others who receive similar offers can either take it or pursue more traditional routes of assistance.

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Whatta Ya Think About Dat?
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reply to The Geezer

Re: Fraudulent charges on Rogers wireless - 443 minute call

i've done the twitter thing before and it was way less painful then going through the endless menu options and you call 1-800-ROGERS1 or #611. It's worth investing in a twitter account if it's only to talk to Rogers. Their social media team is small, I think four or five staff members. But when I needed to get my cable looked at, I didn't have to put up with all this BS of reboot my GD'ed cable box a trillion times. They looked up my line, saw that it was weak, made the appointment for me.

Personally, I recommend the twitter experience. Yes, it's a little slower...but...it's better.

As for the OP, if the butt call was done, you should try to find out who they butt called.
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Triangulation is very much indeed possible. Used all the time in criminal investigations especially homicide wherein the victim had a cell phone.

Rogers Security will run that part of the investigation into the call and report to whoever ends up taking you serious enough to request a triangulation report.