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Virginia Beach, VA
reply to almahix

Re: verizon invasive

Feel free to cancel FiOS if you hate them that much. Nothing is requiring you to use them.

Now to the "problem" at hand.

What do you mean they are turning them on? The ONLY time that has happened to be is when they push out an update to the guide software, but even then 9 times out of 10 if the box was already "off" it is put back in that position after the update.

There is a menu setting that will disable the popup ads. Feel free to search the forum for the instructions.

Gotta love the first world problems we have on this forum....and yes, I am guilty of that as well.

Allegro ma non troppo

Camarillo, CA
Well first off mr kes I don't hate Verizon, or anything or anyone for that matter. And second, I turn off the boxes when the TVs go off. Then I turn them back on with the TV, but if Verizon in their infinite wisdom turns them on, they go off when the TV comes on, so I have to manually turn the box back on, the boxes don't always follow the remote control commands. As far as guide info, I might buy that excuse for the 7100s, but not the little dct 700s with no guide.

On the whole I like Verizon but sometimes their ways infuriate me. I've tried to stop the popup ads according the instructions on the forums, but I still get them most of the time I press the dvr button.

That isn't hate either. (You might pickup that I have an issue with hate. It is so destructive. Let's not use that word with respect to one another anymore, OK?)

Warwick, RI
It sounds like the TV and the STB are optically separated, maybe marginally, so when the remote issues a change power state command, one device sees it but the other doesn't, so the TV and STB are out of sync.

Or maybe another remote is interfering. Do you have a neighbor with an attitude pointing his remote through your open window?

[OT] Hate is merely a word. Choose another and you can call it dislike, which hate is a strong dislike, maybe even intense, but certainly not extreme. And a mild dislike isn't hate. When some of VZ's ways can infuriate you (your choice of word), it sounds like strong, approaching intense. OK, so I get it you don't hate Verizon because you didn't tag your subject line with [rant], which is intense, approaching extreme. Some things I do hate, but that's seriously OT. One word by itself is a dot. Modifiers and context is how it gets significance, or not. Original use in this topic was not misuse of the word, especially in the if/then context.


Virginia Beach, VA
reply to almahix
Ok, won't use hate (your rant certainly made it sound like it to me).

STBs should not be turning themselves on, it just doesn't happen ordinarily unless a software update is pushed to them, which is rare.

We're not in Kansas anymore
Virginia Beach, VA
said by kes601:

Ok, won't use hate (your rant certainly made it sound like it to me).


I hate it when that happens!

Buckingham Pa
Buckingham, PA
·Verizon FiOS
reply to almahix
Don't forget that when you "turn off" the STB, you're just turning off the light on the front, more or less. As someone already mentioned, it's always on...unless you unplug it.

There's not a whole lot you can do about the marketing. VZ is no different than any other content provider...they are going to try and sell subscribers more content and OnDemand is lucrative relative to additional profits. Just click through it. That said, I do agree it's annoying, but pretty much any provider is going to do this to you at this point. Nature of the beast.