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Questions about Exede Nightime and Throttled Speeds

I have an old HN right now (far better on potential data than gen4 junk) . The base monthly limit on both Exede/any HN plan is horrid for the $ so I don't want to count those pennies.

I'm interested in what speeds Exede users are getting during their free unlimited window and what speeds they cut them down to if they go over the monthly (daytime)....also is there a secondary pentalty like going over the daily =crappy free nightly too?

I was looking at Exede 12 but wondering if they are like HN in that they come no where close to that during the day or if they cut you back on speed during the night hours (since thats where the real data you buy is at)

Currently I get

1. 475 mb base day...speed from 20KB-250KB depending on how evil they feel.

2. ^ Throttle penalty down to where my manager (idm) shows 800bytes...0....1.2KB! woot. Naughty thumbnail sized picture might come in just 30 refreshes!

3. 4-4.5gb a night with some automation

Exede is slightly more expensive than current but if they actually provide 12 (/8 so 1.5MB ish)...I should be getting something like 6 times more night data right.

Just hoping someone who has the service could tell me if they get plan speed at night or if they cheap you and lock you at 50KB or something. I suppose I could ask customer service but in my experiences with sat providers I distrust em so much if they said hello im bob how can I help I'd flip out and tell them they are NOT BOB but filthy soulless voids instead.


Excede gets the free download zone from midnight to 5 a.m. It's my understanding that even if you're throttled, you go back to normal speed during this time since it's a free for all download zone like Hughes used to have. I'm sure there's still a bug or two to work out, but I've noticed that I'm getting the free zone accurately, which cut my usage by quite a large margin.


Tomahawk, WI
reply to Anononon
Your answers are here »www.exede.com/exede-customers/la···ree-zone
Nice job explaining there exceeds my try
Be sure to bookmark »wildblueworld.com/forum/

Btw my Exede is through Dish Network still yet to receive the LNFZ, guess I'll call them for an update.
Rumors say we will.

Very seldom do I see any congestion, rare to be under 8,000kb/s.
Norm is 15,000kb/s +
Upload is always 2.4mb/s.
Image shows a congestion period with the HN 9000.


Tomahawk, WI
Nice meter sits in my system tray so I always know my status.
Downgraded from 15GB to 7.5GB BUT with Dish Network is 10GB.
I am concerned if I need to drop Dish and go direct to Exede ?
My reset is 8 Sept so i do have 4.9GB left to play with.

Sorry can't answer what the penalty speed is, perhaps I'll "Exceed" the limit night before reset to find that out ?


I bit the bullet and got it. So far so great from a hn7000s. Nice to see some MBS in download status for a change. At this exact hour on hughesnet I'd be seeing 30kb (nowhere near plan) and now 1++mb (speed test told me 8mb dl,manager bounces like wild but about 1mb avg) . Imagine the night hours will be gr8.

Marsh where did you get that download monitor? Please tell me. The only thing I'm not liking is the lack of a quick check. I have to log in to my account each time from the website and navigate to check it. Had a url for a google "app" but has been discontinued. The only thing I miss about hughesnet is 192.168 showing me a meter.

I'd love something like a gadget I could run from the desktop. I have exede 12, 7.5...direct from them. Official or not I got to get what something like you got.


Tomahawk, WI
Sorry forgot »realityripple.com/Software/Appli···Monitor/

Yep, I hated having to log in just to check BW.
Sits in the tray next to Don's hnFAPAlert watching over me.

Official ? link was direct to Exede LNFZ