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Pacific Palisades, CA

Both ful of crap!

I don't like either party, All politicians are so full of it--making all kinds of promises with no intention of keeping them.

That said, I always vote. It is always a choice between the lesser of two evils.

In this case, that choice is pretty clear to me. I don't think Obama has been a great presidents, certainly not at all like the image he gave in running for president in 2008, with his beautiful speeches about change. (But I never believed the speeches in the first place. I don't believe any politician's speeches. People who believe speeches like that, then are later disappointed, are pretty naive to begin with.)

Yet, when faced with the prospect of Mitt Romney becoming president, and the current Teapublican party gaining power, I'll sure go with four more years of Obama. (Who I think is still learning, and could do a better job in his 2nd term.)

That is EXACTLY what I was going to type also, except for the part of always voting.

I don't think I'm going to vote this year for the first time in my life as neither candidate is worth a flying f**k, although like you said, Obama is the lesser of the 2 evils!

I DIDN'T vote for Obama the first time though.

As far as the conventions go, I watched some of both of them. Can you imagine how big the noses on those speakers would've gotten if it grew for each lie they spewed out?!

That crap Michelle Obama was spewing out last night about how her hubby hasn't changed since taking loans out for college was such a load of manure, that is where I turned that junk off at.
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reply to maikii
I am similar to you in that I think politics are garbage and politicians are worse, however, we have to deal with them, so I have looked at a lot of things, read a lot, and came to a different perspective than you, which is that Obama is going to get handed another republican house, and probably more likely than not a republican controlled senate. Which means another 4 years of deadlock and fighting.
What I do like about Romney is that his job was to take a floundering company, make it ship shape and grow it. To me, that sounds more like what our country needs than "gimme more time and I'll finally get it". Green energy just is not going to cut it to build jobs.


Cleveland, OH
reply to maikii

***You DO have a choice! was:Both ful of crap!

This attitude is why we keep having problems, and keep reelecting idiots. A vote for 'the lesser of evils' is a WASTED vote! If you are tired of what the demorepubs are doing, go check out one of the 'third parties'! And since the vast majority of comments I'm seeing here seem to generally point to excessive regulation, and excessive government intervention, I suggest everyone check out the Libertarian Party platform! And check out their candidate for president, who btw, will be appearing on the ballot in all 50 states: Gov. Gary Johnson, of New Mexico.