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reply to Mcrobrewer

Re: GW2: Engineer Thread

said by Mcrobrewer:

I wanted to love the rifles... but fact is half of the attacks have to be used in melee range practically anyway...

Certainly no really "distance" advantage to using a rifle.

I found a decent rotation with the rifle to keep the baddies at bay, at least for a single mob. Sorry, I don't remember the names of all the abilities but I hit 5, which launches you at the enemy and does like a ground pound, then immediately hit 3 (blunderbuss I think) then 4 (overpowered shot) which launches you back away. If the mob is still alive net him with 2 and auto shoot until dead. If he's still alive shoot him until he gets close and blunderbuss should be off cooldown; you can repeat the rotation minus the opening ability (5).

said by Remulis:

I’ve been focusing on inventions and firearms traits at the moment. Been doing a turret build dropping the healing, rifle, flame thrower, and rocket turret at the same time I annihilate things. I’ll have to double check to see if I can lower there cool downs once they are picked back up if possible. Once I get the trait for them to self-repair I’ll be golden for any pve/ dungeon scenario….Hopefully, I’ll have to check back with my findings once I fill out my trait tree with this build. Still on the fence on what 3rd trait tree I want next. I’ve been rolling with a pistol/shield combo and have been enjoying more than any other combo at the moment. Provides great survivability and versatility.

I like the shield abilities too, not to mention it looks awesome, but since I'm stacking vit I'm finding it's not necessary and I can focus on condition damage. I had a 'duh' moment last night when I realized the rocket turret does more burning damage (and damage in general) than the fire turret so I swapped them out. I love the idea of having multiple turrets up but I hate trying to loot something and accidentally picking my turret up.


said by bionicRod:

I love the idea of having multiple turrets up but I hate trying to loot something and accidentally picking my turret up.

Yar... really wished looting was on another key than the general "action" F button. I'm sure all the escort guards are tired of me saying hi to them when we are attacked repeatedly by centaurs.