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Brook Park, OH
·WOW Internet and..

Ultra TV - worth it?

Let's see... according to what I've read here in this forum, Ultra TV has the following major issues:

•Terrible wireless range- much worse than a standalone router
•Difficult (impossible?) to use your own router instead of the one built into the Ultra TV gateway
•Difficult (impossible?) to get into the config pages on the Ultra TV gateway to setup your network settings the way you want them
•Doesn't work with corporate VPN's- yikes!!
•Buggy firmware- lots of issues browsing the guide, etc.
•Any discounts on your WOW bill are removed when you turn in your cable boxes and get Ultra TV
•$50 tech visit charge?

But... does Ultra TV have any redeeming features/reasons to go with it over a SA HD DVR box or to upgrade from not having DVR service at all?

My WOW bill is $100.change for 15/2 internet, Digital TV Basic and 3 HD boxes (I have a $10/month discount that's set to expire next month I think... hopefully I won't have any problem getting this extended). I own my modem.

According to the WOW website, Ultra TV Basic + 15/2 internet is $100 (plus taxes and fees). Would I actually get this price? Doesn't Ultra TV include 2 boxes? I'm just trying to figure out how much my bill would increase by going with Ultra TV + 3 Ultra TV boxes in lieu of the 3 SA HD boxes I'm using now.

Big Jimmy

The Ultra TV comes with two media players, so you'd need to pony up for a third for that other TV, or just settle for what you can get off of the QAM/analog cable on it.

Overall it's a pretty good service, though it's still pretty quirky. I'm sure it will get better over time, but if you're looking for a polished product today, you might want to look elsewhere. Everything you mentioned is true, except that it's not as bad as it's made out to be. The wireless range isn't bad, but it's not that great either (I get coverage everywhere in my 2-story house, including the basement). The firmware isn't buggy, but the interface isn't that refined either. I have noticed that the wireless flakes out every so often too, but that's not a deal breaker at this point, and I think the benefits outweigh the negatives.


reply to slyphoxj
does Ultra TV have any redeeming features/reasons to go with it over a SA HD DVR box or to upgrade from not having DVR service at all?
the SA DVR boxes suck compared to ultra.

Ultra has laggy menus and grid guide. but its not that bad remember most of the people here are probably tech oriented and tend to be pickier about tech stuff. My wife has had zero complaints with the Ultra system.

* SA DVR two channel per box recording
* You watch a recording on the bax you record it with noplace else.
* Shows record per guide start / stop times. If you're recording a live show their is no way to make it record extra you have to record the following show.
* Sometimes shows just don't record or just fall off the to be recorded list.
* menus all look like something from the 80's

I see all the horror stories about the networking. I took the cable from my router that was plugged into the old cable model and plugged it in to the Ultra Gateway. Everything works.

I've had it for months and am a happy subscriber.


I worked for months trying to improve my Ultra wireless. I tried everything I found on here to no avail. Even worse, some of my devices would hook up to my router and others wouldn't. WOW replaced my Gateway at least twice! I finally gave up, reset my E4200 to factory default, upgraded the firmwaare to what Cisco had on their web site, and let the "smart" software they have setup my router. I could kick myself! It's been screaming ever since. 34-42 mg upload - 5.3 mg down and all of my devices hook right up. WOW did fiddle with the Gateway settings numerous times and got it working fairly well. I just wasn't happy with the limite range
of the wireless. We're happy campers now. I hope it lasts!


I'm running a linksys as well.