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Stowage Class Traveler
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Asus Transformer Prime (TF201)

Just picked myself up one of these puppies, along with its optional keyboard dock, was interested in the battery life for a couple 11+ hour flights coming up in my near future.

I must say, that Tegra 3, quad-core is a thing of beauty. Tablet is snappy as hell, incredible video capability, and thinner than the iPad2

Popped in a 64GB micro SD with a collection of movies and a couple thousand songs on it, and I think I'm good to go.

I just wish it wouldn't collect fingerprints as horribly as it does.

Oh, and (like most tablets) the GPS is all but useless... Especially with the faraday cage that is the transformer primes aluminum housing, but I have the external GPS receiver that ASUS was giving out free to transformer owners, it works like a charm, but its yet another thing to lug around, kinda defeating the purpose of a light, slim, and portable tablet..

The chicklet-style keyboard (optional accessory) is very nice, Even the small trackpad it has is quite usable.. and when attached, it boosts the tablets battery life to ~15 hours of movie / browsing for me. When closed, the whole thing, tablet and keyboard is still mostly thinner than my Toshiba Thrive tablet.

Anyone else have a 'droid ICS (or Jellybean) tablet, and care to share some tips to a newbie?

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I have a TF101 with TeamEOS JellyBean on it. No complaints here.

Facebook on android pretty much sucks, even worse on a tablet.

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Key West, FL
reply to Jason
I have a TF101 and the GPS is just fine even indoors sometimes if its a thin wooden roof. Though I have it disabled most of the time to save battery.

Don't think the 101 takes 64GB cards, but with two 32GB (tab and dock) total of 80GB is pretty good.

So does the Prime come with Jellybean now?