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Mastic Beach, NY

[iO] Plain box for cablecard?

I wanted to know is there any just plain HD box on the market that you can buy and put a cablecard in instead of renting the dumb box from cable vision for $7? Trying to cut costs in household and $7 for each box is just well a plain rip off when the cablecard is $2. I don't want to setup a HMPC. Im just looking for plain boxes with guide.


Ronkonkoma, NY
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You could purchase a cablecard-ready TV. The boxes I've seen that use cablecard are DVR boxes so they would have monthly fees from the carrier on top of the upfront cost. I do not know if there are non-DVR boxes, or how long you might have to pay a subscription with a box like TiVO before you could cancel (and lose the DVR functionality), if that is even required in the first place.

You will lose on-demand & interactive access, such as the 600 channel century on a cable-card device.


If anyone knows of a company making cable-ready TVs these days, please let me know. They're working on something that will allow two-way communication between customer and cable company and I think manufacturers are waiting to see what the standard will be.


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See if there is a special because of the digital migration. Will only be a year but anything is something. Also, there will be a DTA box available shortly at a reduced rate.

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There's nothing like what you describe.

The Comcast DTA box that I've seen (about the size of a box of cigarettes) does not have a guide and is not HD...so don't have high expectations.


Hopatcong, NJ

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CableCARD-equipped TVs are no more as far as I know. As previously stated the only CableCARD devices on the market are DVR-related, with the only ones not requiring a subscription being the PC-based ones (e.g., Windows 7/Windows Media Center products like SiliconDust's HDHomeRun Prime and Ceton's InfiniTV 4).

For PC-based solutions you'd need to collocate the PC by the TV and connect via HDMI or use a Windows Media Center extender (although there are not many WMC extenders on the market, with Ceton's "Echo" being the only new product to enter the market in quite some time - not until sometime in 4Q2012, however)