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Marble Hill, MO
reply to pnyxxpress

Re: Big River Broadband Now Available in eastern Missouri

Sigh.. Well I'm back on dialup again. The 4G LTE from Big River didn't work out. It'd be working fine, we'd be on the web/ reading email/ whatever and the signal btn the modem/router and the tower would drop and go away. Sometimes it didn't come back for hours. They're only suggestion was to have them install an expensive outside antenna for an additional $5 a month. I tried to do the pingtests and they wouldn't complete, the site said they were being blocked or something.. Also sometimes while I would be browsing the web I would notice the wireless signal on my computer start dropping down to one bar, it was still working but a lot slower, and then maybe a little while later, it would start rising back up to the 4-5 bars it was before. So well, it was fun while it lasted but just not reliable enough for me at the moment.


Valles Mines, MO
That's not what I was hoping to hear but I somehow expected this to be the case. It sounds like it is more than just signal strength. Sorry it didn't work out.


Marble Hill, MO
Yea, I was kinda disappointed too. I was really hoping it would work out as we've on dialup for so many many years. I had even cancelled my dialup acct, I had to reactivate it this morning after I turned the modem/router back into Big River which wasn't a big deal fortunately. They also refunded the money that I paid when I got the service.