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Help me set up a wireless printer with my aircard

Got a new printer, its all wireless. I got it all hooked up and everything seemed to work according to the tests and printer test page. However, I couldn't open the scanner software because it could not communicate, and I could not actually print anything from MS Word. After thinking about it, I realized I have an aircard and to use ICS, I had to turn off DHCP on my wireless router. After doing that, there was no way to get back into it, so I reset it. So, now I have DHCP on, ICS is turned off or doesnt work, and the aircard is connecting to the internet. Great.

Except still no print. HOWEVER...if I simply disconnect the Aircard, every function on the printer works as expected. I SUSPECT the aircard software somehow acts as a DHCP or soemthing, but I have no idea what im doing or how to make it work with the aircard.

Id really like to use the wireless functionality. Ideas? Thoughts?


Roslindale, MA
you need a 3g/4g roughter to share your air card wirelessly. You would then be able to stop using ics. » ··· portable here is a good one for 47


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Yes, I know. But I am not using ICS now, and I cannot print wirelessly unless I disconnect my aircard.


Rosston, TX
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said by brazosdog02:

I SUSPECT the aircard software somehow acts as a DHCP or soemthing,

Carrier supplied software often forces you to disable all other connections, intentionally to prevent tethering/sharing.

Usually the carrier supplied software creates an connectoid in the Dial-Up network properties. Double-click on that connectiod and see if it connects. Then enable ICS in the Properties.


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Thank dplantz, your given idea is nice.