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Re: Of course it isn't.

The only issue with that is most routers only log the last couple hundred entries. By the time the police actually get enough info to come knock on your door it's probably going to be at least a week after the event. So even if you are tech savvy enough to even know what a MAC address is (probably 99% of people don't) you would also need to be running a syslog server to actually hold all of your old information. I would wager that not even 1/4 of the people that post here could actually produce logs from 2 weeks ago.


Superior, WI
I know I cannot. My router only logs as much as its internal memory can hold, and then deletes the oldest. By the time I get the infringement notice(which takes about 2 weeks to get to you), those logs are gone forever. If I have an extremely busy network day, my logs hold less than 24 hours worth of info, and really, I think they hold about 24 hours worth at most anyways.