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reply to Greg2600

Re: beIn Sport 1 & 2 (new soccer channels)

said by Greg2600:

said by donjuan2002:

There is two channel ONE is spanish ONE in english, there programing is not the same, see there page..

Well the Dishes don't have the Espanol version, and neither does Comcast. Comcast I don't think has it in HD either, at least not in northern NJ. At this moment, beIN's distribution has been a big dumb loss for the European leagues.

Not quite...the two stations are beIN1 amd beIN-ñ....

While DishNetwork only has the beIN1 (only in SD), DirecTV has both beIN1 (SD and HD) and beIN-ñ (SD only)..

Comcast has added only beIN-ñ (SD only)..

While beIN1 is aimed at the English audience and beIN-ñ to the Hispanic audience, I believe both have SAP so English and Spanish commentary is available on both.
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Oakland Gardens, NY
reply to beINnotFIOS

Re: beIn Sport 1 & 2 (new soccer channels)

The USA plays tomorrow. Has there been any updates on this?


Kearny, NJ