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Garner, NC
reply to billaustin

Re: New to Centurylink - DSL - internet connection issues

A few questions on the bridging. One of the tech support people at centurylink had suggested that I put the modem in and walked me through the basic settings. He told me that I would need to set my netgear router (a wireles G router) up so that it used the following settings, or it wouldn't work.

VPI: 8
VCI: 35
multiplexing:llc (if an available setting)

I see nothing in my router settings for anything like this and after googling it I was made to think that these were in fact DSL modem settings, not settings for my netgear router.

I have looked through the dsl modem settings and still do not see these settings anywhere. Also note that when I actually bridged the pk5001Z dsl modem, and hooked my netgear up to it, I was unable to get an IP/connection with the modem in DSL mode. Some of the new videos I have watched mention a PPPOE login and password, that would be setup in my dsl modem/router. These supposedly need to be used on the netgear router side to make sure the netgear can get an IP from the ISP. However, the current DSL setup shows an empty login and password on this screen.

I am about to try the bridging again, but just wanted to see if I was missing anything. My current steps are:

1) turn off the wireless on dsl modem/router.
2) go to advanced setup>wan settings and switch it from auto to bridging.
3) hook up my netgear and get an IP/connection.

Am I missing anything? I see no place for these vpi and vci settings and no loging ID or password currently in the dsl modem setup.

any thoughts?



Garner, NC
I got the modem bridged and my connection is up now. I am giving it another shot to see if I can stay connected. I will post shortly with the results.



Garner, NC
so far so good. No drops at all and smooth sailing. If I end up with no more drops by tomorrow, I am going to assume the router side of the dsl modem is the issue.

One of the techs had told me that there was a firmware issue with the PK5001Z modem that caused it to sporadically re-request an IP at random intervals. Yet another tech told me that tech was full of it. perhaps he wasn't...

It's working for now with no issues. thanks a ton to all that helped.


Moyock, NC
reply to graej
I have had the same issues with dropping of the internet the past several weeks. I have an older Embarq 660 modem that I have bridged to a Netgear FW Router with Static IP. Century Link sent me a new PK 5001 Z Router to see if it corrects the issues. After many support calls to Century Link a technician finally told me that they are experiencing what they call "Bandwidth Exhaustion" that began on October 12 and they estimate the problem being resolved by November 10. Ironically though for me, my packet dropping appeared to coincide with my service being upgraded to 10 meg from 3 meg and later dropped back to 8 meg by a tech testing the new service at my demarc. I was unsuccessful setting up the PK5001Z with the static IP, even with a CL tech, and was also told by the same tech that i could not bridge it. I configured advanced -> WAN -> bridging and also disabled wireless, DHCP, and NAT with no luck. How did you accomplish bridging?


I have had a recent problem with random disconnects on my CenturyLink DSL connection. I was using the 660 modem and what it would do is like drop the DSL connection. The DSL light would go out (and the internet light of course) and then come right back on within a few seconds.

We've gone through everything to fix that and yesterday they came and set me up with the PK5001z modem.

Now, I don't lose the DSL connection as often, but I get randomly disconnected in World of Warcraft quite often, while the rest of the internet is still working, but has extreme latency.

I've been reading about bridging the PK5001z due to these issues and tried to do so. But then I couldn't get anything to work. The DSL light came on, but the Internet light would flash Green and Red.

What port does my router need to be hooked up to on the modem once I switch on transparent bridging?

Extremely frustrated by this.

they call me Mr. Bill
North Las Vegas, NV
When the modem is in transparent bridge mode, the WAN port of your router can connect to any of the LAN ports on the modem (I usually use Port 1). The router has to be told to get the IP address from CL. If you are in a PPPoE area, enter that information on the WAN setup page in your router. If you are in a DHCP area, set the WAN port on the router for Automatic IP or DHCP.

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