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Parsippany, NJ
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Re: Help! New CCard - Now stuck "Firmware upgrade"

Quick update, problems continue to get worse.

Last night as I stated previously they claimed they could not bind the cablecard because it was "not registered in their system". The card did update the decoder firmware so that was an improvement. And it did seem like it was tuning into the broadcast and basic cable channels even though they claimed it was not registered so they could not bind it.

They told me to either wait for my appointment or I could try picking up another card. Another card should not have the same problem this current one did.

I picked up another card today. Again it showed that the firmware needed to update. But it successfully updated then gave me the screen with the CC id and host id.

I called to have it binded. This time they claimed it "won't bind" must be a problem with my cable.

I believe my signal may be less then ideal at this point so I will give her that.

But I'm skeptical so I pressed her to talk to someone directly involved in the setup and deployment of these devices.

She claimed there was no one I could talk to. I started to get heated and brought up a full refund for this month, demanding an appointment today, cancelling etc.

Got me nowhere.

Please help


Hopatcong, NJ

Do you have a Cablevision STB that you can use as a level meter?

Did you try to re-locate the TiVO at a point closer to the service entrance to see if the problem cleared? (i.e., reducing the loss seen by the TiVO)

Farmingville, NY
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