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Chandler, AZ

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reply to Needleinthha

Re: [AZ] IP changed and now less channels....node split?

Not sure what is going on but have been seeing the worst latency in the three years I have had Cox internet in the Chandler area today. If it doesn't clear up tomorrow may diagnose but am seeing pretty regular lag spikes where ping time will suddenly double or more.

Edit: Never mind finally got tired of lag and first thing i did was stick pen into reset button on cisco cable modem and voila connection back to normal.


Las Vegas, NV
i was having latency issues as well

ugh trying to game on my host was terrible people were lagging and tel-porting everywhere


Scottsdale, AZ
reply to dumas777
Exact same thing here, had the same ip the whole time I have been with Cox, now only 6 channels and the 110 mbps powerboost that I had is now conveniently only 55 on the dot, upload 5 mbps on the dot. I have been capped......

My download was a screaming 85 mbps for years and now with this new ip they are acting "surprised".

Never once has my ip changed I know it like my phone number and literally speed test my internet daily based on my work and hobbies.

Cox has without noticed dropped 51 channels on cable, my upload speed 1500% since now I am getting a laughable 3mbps -5mbps and the DL is exactly 55 on the dot. Based on the servers I have to work on and off this is completely undoable, the quality is so up and down that my radio show is unworkable and file transfers between servers is a mere life sentence.

I called and begged for my old caps to be re activated since I only was disconnected for the first time in 2 years for 1 day and I just once $7 dollar an hour employee after another.

This has literally changed everything for me.........


Scottsdale, AZ
After running a "shaper detection module" on my new ip with Cox my fears were witnessed right in front of me. The caps put into place appeared in the report clear as day. I will cry myself to sleep and wonder how such a great thing can come crashing down with no remorse, counseling, or warning...


Seriously, dude. You've previously been getting *way* above and beyond what you were paying for and now still getting what you're paying for. What is the real problem here.


The problem is that this is a "Bait and Switch"

and $125 a month is a ton of money.. They sent this out to member on May 17th telling them about their change that may be coming after the heavy promotion of the fastest internet etc up to 110 power boost.

Sent to customers:
"In the future, Cox may offer a new level of Internet service that would
have twice the downstream speed of the Premier level of service.
• The downstream speed would be more than 60 Mbps which
would allow a user to download a full 2-hour standard
definition movie (2GB) in less than 5 minutes or download an
average music file (6MB) in just 1 second.
• This new service, however, would be slower than the current
Ultimate level of service that provides up to 100 Mbps
downstream speed. "

Customers with contracts previous to the change were able to keep their contracted deals, as their right based on the campaign that Cox put into place. Long story short the fact that we are still under the same contract, yet lost 51 channels, 400% in download speed and 1500% in upload speed after Cox purchased the rights to the area is a textbook "Bait and Switch". I knew this at the time but wasn't concerned because it didn't effect me, now it does. Feel free to reflect on a recent Bait and Switch litigation in which Dell was sued for over 400 million dollars in regards to the way they were marketing warranties on their 1,000 computers. The warranties were only $100 dollars, this is a completely different level of tactics imo. Once the control was gained in the area they then immediately reduced metro overhead by 50% as a power move.

Feel free to chew on this. "Dude"

Oh yea.. Hey Dude.. Tell your boss to turn my internet back to where it was if you can crawl out from under his desk for a moment:

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Dell Inc. deceived customers in a massive "bait and switch" scheme to increase sales of its computer and electronic products, a New York state judge ruled Tuesday.

State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo sued Dell in 2007 on behalf of hundreds of customers who claimed that the electronics company lured them into buying products with promises of attractive deals and promotions.

In reality, the lawsuit alleged, most customers were denied or misled into believing that they had been approved for low interest or financing rates.

The lawsuit also accused Dell of depriving customers of technical support that they were entitled to, in some instances, by pressuring them into performing repairs on their own or subjecting them to long wait times on the phone. Watch Cuomo detail the complaints »

In a 26-page decision, Supreme Court Justice Joseph C. Teresi found in favor of the consumers.

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Read the judge's ruling (PDF)
"Dell has engaged in repeated misleading, deceptive and unlawful business conduct, including false and deceptive advertising of financing promotions and the terms of warranties, fraudulent, misleading and deceptive practices in credit financing and failure to provide warranty service and rebates," Teresi said in his decision.

The court will hold further proceedings to determine how much restitution Dell will have to pay its customers.

Dell said it disagreed with Teresi's decision.

"Our goal has been, and continues to be, to provide the best customer experience possible," spokesman Jess Blackburn said in a written statement to CNN.

"We are confident that when the proceedings are finally completed, the court will determine that only a relatively small number of customers have been affected," Blackburn said.

Cuomo hailed the decision in a statement Tuesday.

"For too long at Dell, the promise of customer service was a bait and switch that left thousands of people paying for essentially no service at all," Cuomo said. "We have won an important victory that will force Dell to live up to its responsibilities and pay back its customers for profits that were pocketed but not deserved."