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Brooklyn, NY

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Computer Slowed Down Greatly, Can't ReBoot

Intel CPU
Asus Z68 Motherboard
Win 7 Pro

My computer slowed down greatly starting about 5 days ago. (all I used the computer for lately was internet browsing) IE was slow.

I ran an Microsoft Security Essentials scan, Malwarebyes, and Kaspersky Kill-thing, and all showed negative.

Browser got slower each day until became virtually unfunctioning. Then rebooting took a very long time, like 20 minutes.

I did a system restore to 9/15 and it was still working 30 minutes later when I went to sleep. The next morning the computer won't boot up. It says BootMgr is missing.

Dr Tweak

Chesapeake, VA
Sounds like a failing /failed hard drive.

Carpentersville, IL

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reply to TomBrooklyn
I agree with Dr. Tweak on this one. The BootMgr message will show up if you place a blank (either formatted or raw) hard drive into a system, and try to boot off of it.

So, the computer's BIOS sees that it has a HD installed (you get a different message on boot up if one is not present), but it is not able to read any data to begin the boot up process of your installed OS.

If possible, take the hard drive out of the unit, and attach it to a 2nd unit as a slave, or via USB and see what you get. If the hard drive is not totally toast, you may be able to recover most (maybe all) of your data. Once you do that, I would look into running some diagnostics on the drive and see if it is salvageable. Sometimes doing a full format (not the quick one) can fix bad sectors.

Depending on your results, and the age of the drive, it may be best to purchase a new one.

--Brian Plencner

E-Mail: CoasterBrian72Cancer@gmail.com
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Brooklyn, NY
reply to TomBrooklyn
The hard driven I'm using for a C drive is pretty old. Maybe about 5 years or maybe older. I don't have any data on it, so that is the good news.

I was thinking I might have to load Windows onto another drive and install it again.

As it is set up now, though, is there any way to boot up this computer? Maybe with the Windows disk? (I tried that and it didn't work.)

ferroequine fan
If you just want to boot it and you've got access to a working PC, make an Ubuntu CD.