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[Tampa] Tampa - Modem losing connection.

I moved into the a Camden Apartment in the USF area.

The problems starting occurring right after the install. My modem every so often would lose connection on the DS and US, it would have to reconnect.

Called bright house they told me to remove router..... I humored them and guess what? no change.

Had a wide array of techs come out.

Tech #1 -- went though apartment and changed some splitters so modem was on top of signal chain and replace modem. He left and i gave it a shot next day still losing connection. called back in and they tech said my modem wasn't completely booted up. she reset it and said it was all set and i gave it another try. It lost connection again later that night.

Called in again and they again told me to remove router from network.... said no and got another tech to come out.

Tech #2 -- Looked at splitters again. Replaced the coax jack because it could have had paint in it, he said that most likely was causing my problem and left.

Modem still losing connection. At this point I had my own cisco modem and tried to call in to have it add it to the network. I had been previously using it in Orlando for 3 years. Little did I know…. Bright house required a service call to install a customer owned modem and they try to change 32 bucks for that service…. The floor manager on the phone was rather rude telling me “Yes I can add your equipment, But no I won’t” telling me that it was an undefined device until a tech can physical hold the device and that she couldn’t believe other service provided would add modems based on the MAC address alone. This was a Friday night and I already had a tech coming out Saturday morning so I asked if the tech coming would be able to do that and she reassured me he would….

Tech # 3 -- WRONG the tech said he has never done that and I have to go the main office. Well this was a Saturday now and the closes bright house location that was open on a Saturday was nearly an hour away. This tech was the same as Tech #2 that replaced the jack. He checked things over again and told me that these apartments are old and the apartment complex wouldn’t let them replace the wiring. He left without doing anything.

I waited till Monday and called in again to get a tech to install my modem that I knew worked a few weeks ago in Orlando. I couldn’t get a tech scheduled till Wednesday.

Tech #4 – This tech was a little late and was actually a contractor working for bright house. After nearly a hour he was unsuccessful in adding my devise to the network. The techs on the phone said it was in connected but disabled mode… After fiddling with it over the phone they said my modem was burned out….That tech replaced the modem again so this is the third bright house modem I had. He asked if any techs had looked at the lines outside the house… that had not told me they had. He told me that I was going to have to call in again an d create another service call so he could walk outside and look at the lines. I did and the tech on the phone was very confused and had problems because his “system was logging on.” The contracted tech went outside and found my splitter siting in the dirt outside the box. He said he replaced them and I should be all set. Later that night I walked outside and noticed that the bright house cable box was half open with cables still sitting in the dirt(great service we have here in Tampa). I spent the 20 seconds it took me to push the cables gently back in the box and closed it.

The problem continued to happen and I called in again and got another service tech to come out.

Tech #2/3/5 – I got the same tech that came out the second and third time. He again just said sorry the building are old and management won’t let us replace them we even offered to do it for free. He gave me his number and his name. He happened again that night and I happened to see him while he was working on another near by apartment and he said he would talk with his manager.

The problem still was occurring. I found out a little more about the problem. It happens at random when I’m browsing the internet. But it happens the most when downloading large files at high speeds. I pay for turbo and should be able to download a file at 2.0MB a second if the server can provide it. After the problem occurred 4 times in the space of 10 minutes while download Boarderlands 2 I had had enough.

I went to the leasing office and talked with the land lord. I guess the management had changed and they knew nothing about the problem. The land lord called Larry the local cable rep and then he called me asking what I was having problems with. He too had no idea of the problem and got a time scheduled today… Wednesday 9/19/2012.

Tech #6 This time I got a new tech and also his manager Kelly. They came and ran the line observed it for the last 24 hours and noticed no changes in the line. They removed a unnecessary splitter from outside. They were about to leave when I asked if I could try to get it to happen. They humored me and I turned on a steam download and a torrent of black mesa. It ran good for about 6 minutes… they left but Kelly had just ran out to get a Card for me. When he was walking to the car it dropped connection again. I got them to come in and sure enough it happened again about 3 minutes later.

They had me try it on my main comp. then remove my router, tried it again same problem. Switched to a different desktop comp. problem still was happening. Removed the Aris modem and they added a older Surfboard Motorola. The problem still happened with the new modem. But this time sometimes it didn’t go completely out but just lost the DS for a second or two.

After that they ran a ping test (ping www.google.com –t) for like 6 minutes and it was clean. The techs made a few calls to other tech to see if they have had this problem.

The first they called said sometimes programs like steam try to access ports that the firewall blocks and that causes the modem to turn off if to many attempts are made. I called BS on this as I’ve had steam for many years and no problems on any other networks and Steam has hundreds of thousands of customers around the globe.

The second call was placed to the managers manager. He said that the problem was most likely caused by essentially overloading the “thru”. That I was getting to many connections and causing the network to change frequencies…. The Manager’ manager said he has the problem in the past and upgraded to Lightning to fix it.

I called BS on that once again because Steam isn’t a PEER-TO- PEER downloading service they have dedicated servers that I download from…. Only a single connection to be made. I Told them that the problem doesn’t just happen with steam that its just the easiest way to make it happen. I get the problem from Bittorrent, Large downloads from chrome, or in game updates. It even happens when my wife is just looking at pictures on face book.

The techs that were here huddled behind their managers response saying there was nothing more they could do from a technically stand point. That I was somehow managing to overload a Turbo connection of 20+ MB. They could not assist me with upgrading either and could offer no insight on offering discounts for a trial period of lighting to see if it does indeed solve my problem.

They left and I called in to try and upgrade the sales rep knew right away that there was a 30 day trial period that I could try lighting to see if it would help… maybe the tech should have known that as well?

This leaves me now where i’m trying out the lighting connection tonight… As of now I still can’t download large files without my modem losing its DS and US services.

I find it to be rather unacceptable that the solution to the problem with Brighthouses network is for me to upgrade to lighting and pay more for a service that isn’t working.

I’ve even already considered transferring to version…. But they only offer a 3.5-7mb ADSL line and then I have to get a phone line on top of that which I don’t need or want.

Any advice from these forums or from a bright house tech would be appreciated.

BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
Please open a direct forums thread and I will get this taken care of immediately.


Tampa, FL

BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
reply to Scottb
Scott thanks for reaching out to me in our direct forums. As we discussed I will be working with you to resolve all of your concerns. Talk to you again this weekend post the changes tonight.


Kissimmee, FL
Good morning Xpert... would love to know what may have been the technical cause of this; if it can be discussed off course...

Semper Fi


Longwood, FL
reply to Scottb
I too had the turbo service, with voip on a webstar dpc2203c (i think). I had been having problems for a few months. BhnTechxpert had been helping me on another forum, but we never really found a solution. Today, in the home office, when trading out a bad cable box, the cust service rep offered to upgrade me to lightning for a lower monthly bill, AND install it today.

At first it was a bit sluggish, but after about an hour, and after disabling the firewall in the modem, the connection stabilized and has been rock solid. I have downloaded from steam, newsgroups, uploaded videos to youtube, you name it. No issues!

Looking at the modem logs the old modem appeared to be going into a "ranging" mode whenever large downloads occurred, even a single download. This would randomly cause a disconnect and reboot. Over the last few days it had began happening several times in an hour.

I'm glad to have lightning now, and hopefully won't have any more issues.

BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
reply to Scottb
How is everyone doing?