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Nashville, TN
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reply to dib22

Re: U600 for $34.99 and Sierra Overdrive for $59.99

Good luck on debating converting that into an unlimited plan.
A new device wouldn't really be "grandfathered".

I decided not to order the overdrive. If I need internet acces away from home, I'll just use my smartphone. if it goes out at home, i'll use public wifi, or just piggyback off my neighbors wifi(with permission).

The deal was so enticing though....But Sprint needs to give their towers around here a data upgrade.

Keep posted about your "upgrade".

said by dib22:

said by compuguybna:

He said "Well, online prices are not the same as store prices".


***AMAZON.COM*** has the overdrive for $49.99!!!!!!!

They won't even pricematch their own website

Ordered. Will try to flip it onto an grandfathered unlimited plan when it gets here (yes I know I won't have wimax access, but there are no wimax towers where I am usually anyway).


Kansas City, MO
said by compuguybna:

Good luck on debating converting that into an unlimited plan.
A new device wouldn't really be "grandfathered".

I was under the impression the Account was grandfathered... not the device.

I know I have swapped like devices before and kept unlimited plan...

I'll report back if it lets me


Kansas City, MO
OK I got the overdrive, I did swap it onto my grandfathered account... it does put a banner next to the plans that says the grandfathered plan will not allow 4G access... which is fine since I don't use this in any areas with 4G-Wimax.

It replaced an old mifi2200 and so far I'm pretty impressed... it seems to be much more capable router than the mifi was... of course it's a much newer device.

It does offer port forwarding and port triggering (the mifi2200 doesn't).

It has 2 antenna ports (3G and 4G-Wimax).

It can be used as a modem directly connected via usb, my mac picked up on it automatically and it connected. I haven't had a chance to try it on windows... but I did try it on my cradlepoint router as a device and it DOES NOT seem to work... will have to mess with that more later.