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Charleston, WV
reply to justchil3

Re: [Speed] Issues since 9/22 & 100mbit upgrade. Cross Lanes,WV

Also, here are the log entries from the last "blip". It's literally only out for 1 minute tops... modem power cycles then I'm back online.

Others on my street are having the same thing happen at the same time... and quite frankly are probably tired of me asking.

SYNC Timing Synchronization failure - Loss of Sync;CM-MAC=************;CMTS-MAC=************;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.0;

Received Response to Broadcast Maintenance Request, But no Unicast Maintenance opportunities received - T4 time out;CM-MAC=*************;CMTS-MAC=************;CM-QOS=1.1;CM-VER=3.0;


I noticed the time is an hour and 10 minutes off if that matters.

Current Time and Date Sep 24 2012 17:47:43
It's currently 18:55


Modem/Firmware details:

Model Name: SB6121
Vendor Name: Motorola
Firmware Name: SB612X-
Boot Version: PSPU-Boot(25CLK) 1.0.12.
Hardware Version: 5.0
Firmware Build Time: Dec 21 2010 15:52:06


Haughton, LA
T4 timeouts will reboot your modem usually.

Also, 36 db is a little low on the upstream

Charleston, WV
It's rebooting for sure.

If I remove the splitter (labeled -7db) the upstream falls to 31db.

Also the downstream levels to up to 4db.

I have a second splitter which isn't as nice as the one they provided but fairly new... my upstream goes to 41db and down levels range from -5 through -7.


Haughton, LA
your ideal downstream is 0db, +/- about 7 or so is ok too. Those numbers on the splitter are what it will do to the downstream power levels.

From the pictures it looks like you are running through 2 splitters to get to the modem. If after 2 splitters your upstream is STILL in the low 30s, I would venture to guess that there could be a line issue. Anything less than around 30db upstream can give you troubles.

As to your question about fluctuation, you should see 1-2 pts variation depending on time of day/weather conditions. On that front you will only start to have issues when you see BIG swings. I have a main line amp that is out of spec again this summer and my upstream will swing as much as 15db (knocking me offline for hours until it cooled down again outside).
20/2 Suddenlink : Current
5/1 CMA : Old
15/2 TWC : Old

Charleston, WV
Difference in splitters (none = directly wired to the drop coming in the house)

None: 31db
-7db: 37db
2x: 41db

None: 2-4db
-7db: -2db
2x: -4 through -6db

I notice a slight increase like I mentioned with the -7db splitter. I can't tell any difference so far adding another splitter.

So basically the tech installed the splitter to increase the upstream db... and it helped a little... but still not getting the speeds I'm paying for so I'm not sure where I can go from here.

I did a lot of reading/troubleshooting/time&money trying to solve this and I don't know what else to do other than downgrade to 50mbit or ask that they only charge me for 50mbit until they can actually provide what I'm paying for.

I have the most simple setup in the world... 1 line 1 router 1 computer. I even take the modem directly to the only drop in the house without the router to eliminate everything I can when I call tech support lol

Charleston, WV

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They just started selling 100mbit here less than 2 weeks ago... I haven't had it that long... so it almost sounds like it was rolled out before anything was done to support it.

I have one friend that upgraded as well although he's roughly 15-20 miles away... and has the same issues with speed.

We've also compared signals/firmware (same modem/routers) etc...

It's just frustrating to bend over backwards troubleshooting and testing everything I have and everything I have access to and not get the same from my ISP. I think the problem in my area is lack of competition.