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Charleston, WV
reply to justchil3

Re: [Speed] Issues since 9/22 & 100mbit upgrade. Cross Lanes,WV

Speed going back down... signal remains exactly the same.

I'm done for the night... Getting kinda tired of messing with this stuff... going to give them another call tomorrow and see if there is any news.

Haughton, LA
The upstream is still a little low with no splitters. It can work perfectly fine, but low. Those readings should be taken from the entry point so you can figure out if it's messed up outside (them) or inside (you).

Sounds also like you could just be on a node that can't handle getting that speed to you.

If it was me, I would just downgrade to the 50. I also have no need or desire for the 107 package, you may though.
20/2 Suddenlink : Current
5/1 CMA : Old
15/2 TWC : Old


Charleston, WV
reply to justchil3
I too am in the Cross lanes area.

I have been working with Suddenlink for several months to try to get a connection to my house that does not disconnect, tile images on the Television, etc.

They replaced the modem, had techs check the cable and signal levels, and checked the point of service to my house twice.

I have been working with a supervisor since 8/4/12 to get my issues resolved.

I just got an email that says they had several issues in my area and think they have it fixed...I hope so.

Maybe what they found wrong will help your connection too.