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Re: [CFL] [TV] Guide color changes.... Uhhhh... Houston.....

Got a email with pic of new guide looks pretty good to me, back when there were choices I liked the mocha.

Cisco Kid

The suspense is killing me....can anyone put a Picture of new Guide in this thread?

My location; Tampa......and it has not rolled out in my area as yet.

I have been waiting for an enhanced Manual Record Option (as opposed to the Fixed Increased\decreased minutes)....is that included with this update?

tim tim tim

Lutz, FL
·Bright House Net..
works similar to old guide just added a few features and changed colors, its definitely more modern now.

Also ISPalten,
The hitting guide more than once is pretty standard with companies as a way to sort the guide, most actually prefer it that way as far as I know.

Also, I think this feature not even needed since the HD for BHN is grouped in the 1000's anyways. Its not like dish where the SD and HD channel are side by side where sorting is more important. Whatever makes the masses happy though


Arlington, TX
·Time Warner Cable
it would be nice if TWC got a license to use the iGuide color palette in the guide I think iGuide has 12 or so colors to choose from it would give the guide a more of a iGuide feel and I would possibly give it a chance if they were to do that.


reply to Cisco Kid
Find is changing to search, will keyword search be coming back or is it just a name change? Don't see how to post pic here is black background dark grey info lines blue highlighted looks like satellite guides.


Just downloaded I like it stands out better on my TV's than old one. Search is the same.

Cisco Kid

reply to tim tim tim
Any idea when this will start to roll out to Tampa Bay customers? Seems it everywhere else but here. Don't know if BHN utilizes Customers to Sample changes....after all, we are the ones that use this feature....if they do, great, if they don't....it should be something BHN considers...surely there are a lot of Customers that would be willing to Preview\test...provide feedback before releasing new versions. But maybe that is not possible, that is, no way to load New proposed guide on selected customer Boxes........


Orlando, FL

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You can have my upgrade. The old version is easier to read than this new black and grey view. More like a downgrade.