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Hi there
Lachine, QC
reply to ekster

Re: [game] Mini crazy game - The Circus Freak Edition

Blockfire threw down his hat, ripped off his shirt and pants, took out his swords and challenged ProtusMose, who was just stunned by the mere challenge. The fight, for the most part, was short. And even though Protus managed to cut up Blockfire pretty well, it wasn't enough. Neither was 'Uh, balls. Jab left?' as Blockfire killed ProtusMose in cold blood.

ProtusMose See Profile
Blindfolded Sharpshooter - You've got a nice big gun with which you can kill once, even if blindfolded. You win with the mafia.

Player List
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Caveat Emptor
Earth Orbit
HAH nice. Shot his own MGF.

So did Blockfire throw his own teammate under the bus? Did I get lucky with my protections? Who knows.

said by Krisnatharok:

As I see it, we have three courses of action.

The big three unknowns were Archivis, tmodelt, and Blockfire. Archivis won't claim, but he received two actions last night, and if he was mafia he probably would have killed one or two people. If he was mafia, he probably first targeted Blockfire, who was immune; and then me, but Modem switched us which would have meant Archivis would have targeted himself. I'll go out on a limb here and wager that Ekster would have allowed an inadvertent suicide in a CG instead of cancelling out the action, so it's highly unlikely that Archivis is mafia.

That leaves Tmodelt and Block. According to Dez, Tmodelt had the ball on Night 3 but did nothing bad/malicious/anything at all (not sure which) that night. He was not blocked, so if he was mafia, he would have done something.

That leaves us with Blockfire, who won't claim, and who was blocked last night. It's possible--but unlikely--that he hasn't been able to kill anyone in the past three nights because he targeted either PM or Meng on Night 3, Meng on Night 4, and was blocked by me night 5.

The only twist here is PM. He foreshadowed his vig shot on Jobbie, and everyone accepted he was town vig and blew his load. Dez says he's targeting people at night, but he's not owning up to it. Is it possible there is more to his role? Could he have an independent side-game or even be mafia and through his own MGF under the bus?

Or we could no-lynch and see what happens.

If we lose this freedom of ours, history will record with the greatest astonishment, those who had the most to lose, did the least to prevent its happening.