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Warner Robins, GA
reply to lilstone87

Re: [GA] Internet Slowdown

I have a Linksys CM100 cable modem. It has been working great up until recently. Again, let me reiterate...my speeds are great during the day, the slow down is just at night.

Here is some information from my modem:

Standard Specification Compliant: DOCSIS 2.0
Hardware Version: V54.0
Software Version:

Acquire Downstream Channel, 837000000 Hz, Locked
Connectivity State, OK, Operational
Boot State, OK, Operational
Security, Enabled, BPI+

Lock Status: Operational
Modulation: 256QAM
Channel ID: 28
Provisioned Rate: 300 kbps
Symbol Rate: 41879.195 Ksym/sec
Downstream Power: 2.0 dBmV
SNR: 37.0 dB

Lock Status: Operational
Modulation: 64QAM
Channel ID: 3
Provisioned Rate: 300 kbps
Symbol Rate: 2560 Ksym/sec
Upstream Power: 42.0 dBmV


Warner Robins, GA

I just checked my speed again, and I am up to around 6Mbps...so I am really thinking this is just a congestion issue. Anyone from cox out there that can check to see if my node is overloaded?


Portsmouth, VA
·Cox HSI
reply to ssilence

Well I suggest you think about upgrading to a D3 modem, if your speed problems continue during evening hours(peak usage). Because your signal levels look fine, and I am about 99% sure a D3 modem will get rid of the slowdowns during prime times hours. As your current modem connects to a single downstream capable of 38mbps of bandwidth. Which is shared on your node, with others using cox. So its not hard for bandwidth to go to crap in the evenings, if everyone in your area is watching stuff like Netflix, and youtube video's. With a D3 modem you can connect to up to 4-8 downstream channels depending on modem you get, and up to 4 upstream channels. Which means there will be more bandwidth available, and less chances of speed slowdowns during peak usage hours.