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Orlando, FL
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reply to neonhomer

Re: [CFL] [TV] Guide color changes.... Uhhhh... Houston.....

I woke up this morning, turned on my DVR and I now have the new guide from hell too. Central Florida here. Whoever developed this new mess needs to be fired. BH had the opportunity to finally give us an upgrade to the guide, to make it easier to read, without all the wasted space around the guide and the preview video taking 1/4 of the screen, instead they give us the same poorly laid out guide and then change the colors to black background and white/blue font. The BH developers need to take a look at Dish Network's DVR guides and come up with something similar for us. We need the option to view the guide in larger font and more than 5 channels on the screen at once. If they give us the option of a full screen guide it would be great. I hope they roll back this new software. The old guide isn't good, but this new guide is worse.

Cisco Kid

I have not seen this guide as yet, but reading it only provides 1 color when the previous guide must have had 5 or more color selections......you scratch your head and go, from many to no color selections? Why?

I also would like to see the Guide fill the screen, but, definitely want that preview screen to remain.

When I see the FIOS and Direct TV Guides at friends homes....I wonder why BHN's new guides have not come out better...with more ..... I am in the camp that still felt the original Guide was better....it had better customer user features, one of which was a Manual recording feature which I always used on Sundays when Football pushed all programming late.