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Got Mouse?
Bristol, CT
reply to mb

Re: sb6141, sb6180, zoom5341, dpc3010

said by mb:

said by EG:

So are you saying that their hardware is exactly the same and that different chipsets can't make any difference in performance ?

I am saying for all practical purposes, they are the same.


The only tangible difference may be more on Comcast's end, in terms of the quality of the firmware download that they use/authorize.

mb hit it right on the head: In real-life, practical terms, no, there really is no difference in performance...

Now, having said that, it may well develop that one of these modems are going to have a better life-span due to power supply quality, construction, heat issues or lack thereof, etc., but the relative internet performance delivery of these modems will be similar within their capabilities (yes, and 8x4 model may be capable of delivering steadier performance than a 4x4 model due to increased number of bonded channels)
Deeds, not words

The wings of love
Union, NJ

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Beg to differ. In my experience some modem hardware /chipset combinations perform better, and are more tolerant of less than stellar RF signal / noisy lines / connection quality issues than are others.


Stuarts Draft, VA

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reply to PeteC2
Internet performance in an ideal situation is one thing. But as EG stated, in locations with RF issues some perform better.


Pleasanton, CA
well not really relevent to the discussion but I actually realized I don't need a new modem.
I connected my zoom5341 directly to my laptop and I got my full 115 megabits

when connected to my wndr3700, it slows to 90-95megabits.

I read on reviews it does ~300 megbits throughoutput from wan to lan, but I have openwrt and I read it slows the router down quite a bit. I mean that makes sense, just running top on it, 60 megabytes of ram being uses, which gives ~4 megabytes free.

I will probably try stock fw... which is kind of lame because I have a usb hd connected and it's ext4, and stock f/w does not support ext4, and NTFS is far too cpu intensive and slow for ntfs-3g on this box, and fat32 has a 4gig file limitation.
O well

Ukiah, CA
I haven't tried OpenWRT on my WNDR3700 v2, but I've tested it with the stock firmware and DD-WRT. Stock firmware got around 500-550 Mbps throughput, DD-WRT got about 150. Right now it's sitting at 34 MB RAM free.


Pleasanton, CA

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weird even with stock I couldn't get more than 95 megabits. I just checked after plugging in my laptop and I get 115 megabits(straight to the modem)

and only 1 computer hooked at a time.

EDIT: Oh nevermind, it's my computer or the ethernet cable.
I was running the router speedtests on my desktop.

Connected with cat7 cable to my laptop 120 megabits. 25-50ft cat5e cable to my desktop and 95megabits.

EDIT: Found the issue, link speed with this cat5e cable is 100 megabits and not gigabit. That's dumb. (Windows 8 hides the link speed so much so I forgot to check, it's not in the task manager)
I connected two different cat5e cables with a female to female adapter and they do 1 gigabit. That quality control.
Going to buy a 25ft cat7 cable just because.

PS unrelated again. Windows 8 is garbage, don't use it. (All ut3 games don't work, shootmania doesn't work, the tiles interface doesn't even work sometimes, tested all of the above on two machines)