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Re: Ticking noise from engine

I listened again, and the ticking noise is definitely gone. Changing the spark plug got rid of the ticking noise! I thought that was bizarre, but a Google search returned many instances of loose spark plugs causing ticking noises. Here's an example of one from a BMW forum:
said by some guy :
My wife's 97 540i recently started producing a loud ticking sound that appeared to come from the left side of the motor. I did several searches on this forum to find that the ticking sound is very common with these cars and aparently normal as well, so i didn't worry too much about it. But the car was also sputtering when taking off from a stop in first gear, and recently started throwing a CE light as well. The code ended up being random cylinder misfires, so after searching this forum for that as well (possible causes could be spark plugs fouled out by leaking valve cover gasket, bad coils, and even bad catalytic converters), so i decided to just check all the spark plugs first since that wouldn't cost me any money.

During the spark plug inspection, i found that two of them were REALLY loose (i could turn them 2 or 3 times with my finger tips before they seated into the head) and a few others could be broken loose really easily. I inspected and cleaned each plug, and made sure they were seated properly, and the car runs like a friggin hot rod now, and there is ABSOLUTELY no ticking sound coming from the motor anymore at all.

Check your plugs! Just thought i'd share.
I was also having some strange engine behavior. Most notable was rapid engine RPM changes at high RPMs. (And this iVTEC engine is built to run at high RPM.) I bet the spark was cutting out and the RPMs would drop, then the spark would come back and the RPMs would go back up, then the spark would cut out again, etc, etc. All because of the spark plug! I bet it's been that way all along, or at least for the past 6+ weeks.


Yep I had this happen before too.