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Los Alamos, NM

False choice

The choices aren't simply caps/overages to capacity problems. How about we reduce the advertised speed? If there's a capacity problem, stop increasing the advertised speed options and selling something you apparently can't deliver anyway. Even if I have a 50Mbs or 100Mbs internet connection, most sites and downloads aren't going to go any faster anyway because of bottlenecks at the other end or along the way. It only makes a difference on concurrent connections. If I had a choice between caps/overages and reduced maximum speed, I'd take the reduced speed.



Probably because the cable companies are increasing profits by degrading service. So they'd have to reduce speeds down to 1mb/s or something, which would make it obvious what an embarrassing backwater the USA has become. Similar to how the government can't let it be seen that residential homes only have 5-figure value so it just prints money until it looks like there is prosperity