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Go Ninja,Go Ninja Go..
Schaumburg, IL
reply to SuperNet9

Re: Exemption Status - Home owner, How do I file?

The forum sounds like I can apply for it now??

it says

"As owner of the above property, I hereby apply for the Homeowner Exemption. I affirm by signature that this property was
occupied by its current or previous owner as a principal residence as of January 1, 2011. I understand that it is against
the law to provide false information on this Homeowner Exemption application"

Also when I look at the house, It says the house is worth more then it really is... How can I lower that?


Lake Zurich, IL
You need to appeal your assessment if that's the case, and there's a wealth of info available on that topic via google, and plenty of law offices/other services that will do it for you.

Remember that in IL we pay taxes in arrears, meaning the bills coming out later this year are for 2011's taxes, and the assessments coming out now are for next year's payments.

I think our real estate attorney or the title company took care of the homeowner's exemption when we bought our house, we didn't have to do anything special.

EDIT: you have a very brief time window during which you can appeal your assessment. Miss a deadline or fail to cross an i or dot a t, and you're done for the year.