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Las Cruces, NM
reply to Don69Fire

Re: Addons Help

I use:

NPCScan - alerts you to rare mobs in area
ActionButtonSets - saves button profiles
Auctionator - AH addon
BadBoy - anti SPAM
Carbonite - Nice map, node router, quest tracker, etc.
DBM - boss fight event thingie
Dominos - button bar replacement
DoubleWideTradeSkills - expands trade skill panel
DragEmAll - move any box anywheere
Gatherer - tracks nodes
Disenchant Predictor - shows what items disenchant to
GTFO - annoys you when you stand in stuff
GunGrats -annoys cheeve spammers!
Inline Aura - "displays aura information directly inside action buttons"
Mogit - mog displays and sets
OmniCC - "adds text to items, spell and abilities that are on cooldown to indicate when they will be ready"
Postal - mail handler
Recount - dps epeen validator
SunnArt - shows art on the sides, less view area = higher fps
TidyPlates - nameplate replacement
TradeSkillMaster - suite that makes it much easier to track and post high volume AH items
TullaRange - "TullaRange is an addon that allows the user to make action buttons change color completely under the following conditions:

When an action is out of range
When an action uses holy power, but the user is not at max holy power (Paladins only)
When the user is out of energy/mana/focus/etc"



1 recommendation

Goldheart (and any other enchanters out there), since we're leveling out professions again you'll likely be dropping several enchants on the same piece of gear.

Use the addon "SmartEnchant." It will get rid of the confirmation box you have to click when replacing an enchant on a piece of gear. Small convenience but worth it if you're enchanting the same things 20 times in a row.
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