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Here come the drums
Conroe, TX
reply to Jackarino

Re: Linksys EA6500

I would prefer someone from here to comment on this, after they purchase it. I have purchased things from Amazon, that people swore up and down had issues but I have never had those issues. I really don't take any comments about an item on Amazon seriously.

I had hoped Small Netbuilder would have a review up but not yet.

Light Will Pierce The Darkness
Nepean, ON
The best review would come from your own personal experience with the product.

SPECIFICALLY In the AC world each VENDOR is doing their own thing to distinguish themselves from the other AC Vendors especially when exploiting the 5 Ghz band ... and from my assesment of the EA6500 nothing stands out.

When Small Netbuilder decides to use 80 Mhz instead of 40 Mhz channels THEN it might be worth while to asses their review on the AC line up. I suspect that will only happen when Clients become available that can exploit the 80 Mhz space.
David Mozer
IT-Expert on Call
Information Technology for Home and Business


Just bought it, I was waiting for Best Buy to carry them and they just started this morning.

I used the cloud software to set it up and everything is running well. The system gets a little warm. The range of the access point goes farther than the UBEE and Cisco WAP that I have been using.

There really isn't anything too special with it, but it works way better than my UBEE DDW3611. I now set that up in bridge mode and have retired my Cisco WAP4410N

Grants Pass, OR

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Does it come with a built in bandwidth meter? That is pretty standard in routers now. I am still rocking my E4200 V1 from when it first came out. I was pretty ticked it did not have that feature. I hope Linksys finally added it to the EA6500.


I just thought of reading the user guide manual. I did not see any thing on it at all. And they are really pushing that cisco cloud crap. The whole manual was based on that. Glad you can still dl the regular firmware version though instead of cloud if you do not want it. I cannot believe that router lacks a bandwidth meter. Linksys needs to get with the times. Sheesh!

Mike Wolf

Beachwood, NJ
I don't think there is a standard "classic" firmware version for the EA6500 as I didn't see a link to download it on the support site. I'm curious on the wireless range and speed performance of the EA6500 in 2.4GHz mode compared to the EA4500 and EA4200 v2.