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Re: OMGfast.... Looking for review

I canceled them. They came and picked up their equipment from me. Since my last post I had the tech come out twice to the house. The ping and lag was crazy and I wasnt getting the speeds that would beat my current provider. I also couldnt get my router to clone their router so that wasnt good for me. I think they need to do a few things to fix their service(IMO).

1. Let us use our own router. You shouldnt have to reconfigure your home network to use their service

2. When they do an install they should explain how they are setting you up and what they are doing. Ex. I have to mount this dish on top of your roof and not on the side of it like your directtv.

3. Vonage (or any voip) wont wok with it. I dont know if its possible for them to make it compatible but it would be nice

I told the techs that came out to leave the box outside the house just in case i wanted them back once they get some things worked out. Overall their customer service was great. They log your calls and emails are sent out when you do call them so thats a plus.


I got it installed a few days ago, installation time is long takes pretty much all day. But my home is a little tricky.

The speed hardwired is about 68mb download, upload is always around 3.3.

Through the wifi it's about 30ish download (limitation of the wireless router perhaps?)

It went out one time for like 30 seconds, then everything was back to normal.

It's light years better then bellsouth/att DSL.

The cable modem box runs very hot..

They *sales* guy kept pitching that they are going to 100 mb soon. It will require an equipment change, but it's on the way.

They *sales* guy said the rates are locked 4 life, I'm sure that's far from the truth.

I been playing some online games and haven't had an issue.

I have directv and on demand was horrible with bellsouth dsl, with this, I can instantly watch on-demand movies and shows. That's a big plus.