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Hawthorne, FL

[Services] Hmm. Got a DSL offer.

So went to pay the bill the other day and before I was able to hang up the Rep offered me 6 months no contract, bump to 6.0 from 3.0 and according to her I'd get to keep my grandfathered Bellsouth static IP without 'any' fees changing. Just that I'd be paying the 42.95 or whatever it is for DSL 6.0 in 6 months.

Within about 2 mins of hanging up my modem recynced and I was then on 8000ish / 512 syncing and all has been green the past few days.

My curiosity though comes from a tad bit of paranoia when dealing with Telecoms.

Any ideas out there on what I should look out for so I don't get screwed over? They usually don't offer this kind of thing unless you're a new customer. Or in the case that they're bleeding subscribers this last quarter.

Orlando, FL
They seem to bill dsl correctly. Not so much for uverse. Around here its $34 for 6 months, then $48 after. They seem to be trying to keep current customers and so far I haven't heard anything bad about these quasi-retention offers.

Miami, FL
reply to Drakemoore
I have been on 6.0 for years and also have a retention program or would have been long gone. Every six months, contact retention and with a nudge, they will renew at the retention rate.

If you actually got to keep your static IP after making any kind of change, and that includes an error made by ATT on my service that cancelled forevermore my static IP, you have an acomplishment.
After screwing up my service, they canceled my static IP and would only give it back for $14.95 month.

Strange company....but we already knew that going in..


Charlotte, NC
wait till you get your bill and find out your special offer isnt so special or that you no longer have a static ip

these people will lie to your face