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Sr Tech
New Britain, CT
reply to Nailgunner

Re: Call Forwarding

said by Nailgunner:


As with all things MJ, the devil is in the details. The above link works for me. You have an extra "my/" in your link.

Regardless, the call forwarding is still working. I am having all my MJ calls forwarded to my GVJackApp number and it's still working properly, as I have not really given out my GV number.

Not for me.


said by Sr Tech:

Not for me.

Not sure what is going on, but as of a minute ago, still working here. Takes you to a log-in page then to the call forwarding page.

Possible you needed to already have call forwarding in effect. Or MJ alternates it's availability by the hour based on your mother's maiden name...or street address...or Dan's Ouija board...or...

South Bend, IN
Ditto. Works fine for me here.

@Sr Tech : try flushing you dns cache and/or clearing your browser cache/cookies and try again.


reply to Sr Tech
The work around link does not work for me. MJ's decision to make the CF feature even just temporarily unavailable while they are "updating" is a foolish business decision. Their dumb decision affects my business because I have the MJ # on my business cards. Have used the CF feature for several years flawlessly until they decided to mess with it without warning or notice to their users. They obviously do not appreciate their clients and I hope people will dump MJ and never come back. They don't deserve to stay in business if they treat people like that. There is no good reason why they can't continue with CF while they are working on their so-called update. It's just a way to make more money. I'd even be happy to pay for the CF feature if it were available, but now they are just losing me. I don't care when it becomes available because they have just proven that they are not reliable.
It may only affect those who rely on the CF feature, but if they mess with one feature, it's only a matter of time until they decide to mess with another feature.