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Athens, GA

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reply to King Boo

Re: Youtube Buffers. Hulu does not. What gives, Charter?

We'll here's the weird thing. When I go to the /my_speed link, I come out as if I'm in Swansonboro, NC and am compared with Road Runner users with average download speeds of 7.49. But I'm in Georgia using Charter and my download speed is tested reliably at 15.

I decided to try foxyproxy with my web server in California. Anything I stream from YT through foxyproxy via the California streams flawlessly at any resolution. Unfortunately, I can' keep doing that to my webhost.

I should note that the /my_speed data comes out as Los Angeles when I run the link on FoxyProxy. (7.04)

A couple things could be the problem:
1. Charter is busting my youtube bandwidth.
2. OpenDNS is messing with my youtube bandwidth
3. Hurricane IPV6 DNS is messing with my youtube bandwidth.

Any ideas?

Anyone using Google Public DNS?
Edit: I've just tried Google's public DNS and the results are pretty much the same as with OpenDNS and Hurricane, so I can only suspect the problem must be Charter. Using Google's Public DNS, it still shows me as coming out of Swansboro, NC.

That others may surf
Have you tried using Charter DNS?

Charter may have a local YouTube server farm arrangement which OpenDNS and Hurricane DNS isn't using, since they're generic non ISP specific lookups.