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Siren, WI
reply to raytaylor

Re: Microtik and IPv6

said by raytaylor:

i want to build needs to be fast

For this reason, i dont really want to be tunneling otherwise there is extra overhead

I haven't pushed that much traffic over a vpn before, but I do often push 25 megs using the cheapo 411 routerboards and they don't even flinch.

Try doing a few tests. You might be surprised at how little overhead there really is. Or maybe once you get to that much throughput it will bottleneck. I can't say for sure, but I wouldn't rule it out so quickly.

I actually used to be 100% against PPPoE. Every experience with it (before starting a WISP) was awful and gave me the impression that it had a lot of overhead. I decided to give it a try and was surprised to find that setting a queue at 1 meg tested EXACTLY at 1 meg and it was just that the other ISP's using PPPoE sucked, not that PPPoE itself had any problems.

The Glitch
Cayuga, ON

EoIP does have a lot of overhead.

But VPLS tunnels are very efficient, and MPLS runs very well over an OSPF network. The tunnels dont fall apart on re-route. There wont be any speed decreases with VPLS tunnels.

I have a full MPLS cloud network, I have one router at each PoP, I bridge all the customer APs at a tower to a VPLS tunnel leaving a router back to my core router, so I have full layer2 to my core router from the customer. Then PPPoE on that! Magical I say.
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