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York, ON

Re: TekSavvy - glorified reseller, not ISP

Sure, we'll say OP was overdramatic, but I'm pretty sure any of us would be angry if we had sub-par internet for more than two months with basically no answer from your ISP. Nowhere does it say on ads and when you sign up (from what I recall from way back when) was there a mention that if a severe problem is being experienced, it may take a while to solve it due to business constraints. There will be angry people because of this, and many other issues as well. And yes, this forum isn't a call centre, but there will always be angry people no matter what.

If you want to help other people you need to acknowledge some will be angry, and they have every right to be if it is a legit reason. People are different, they vent in different ways. It's obvious that when a situation like this comes you'd want the person to calm down and not attack their opinion/situation right off the batt. If you feel a need to refute one of their points then by all means go ahead, but it has to also be in a calm manner. There's no way you can solve a problem if both sides are angry. That's why I suggest people leave if they insist on saying something along the lines of, "If you liked Rogers, leave now and STFU." That doesn't help the customer since you have no clue if the person is able to do so, and that doesn't help Teksavvy since they've just lost a customer. Things have calmed down a bit and are getting looked at properly so there's no need for that extra drama, from anyone here.

Also I see no reason why not an "atom bomb" should be dropped and be left alone. The leaving alone part or fading of a thread should mean that a solution is (trying to be) found. If you keep reading the first post then ignore TSI Marc and and OP's posts later on, of course you'd be mad.

In addition, OP brought up the topic of there being problems and everyone here agrees to a certain degree. It's the cause of these problems that many people disagree with. To me, that's worthy of discussion so the thread hasn't gone totally off topic.

I'm also against censorship of threads. It would look terrible on Teksavvy if a new person comes in these forums and they see threads being censored then they start to wonder why.