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Got Mouse?
Bristol, CT
reply to urdrwho

Re: Comcast price increase - $14 in one month

said by urdrwho:

They raised my residential internet $14 in one month.

Can you fill that in a bit? Where is the $14 increase showing in your bill?

My cable bill went up somewhat recently...but then my 6 month promotion price ended...so no surprises there.

Not questioning your post, just asking where this $14 increase is showing, and what are your circumstances? Did this $14 increase just come out of the blue with no explanation, and did you call Comcast for an explanation/correction if you did not know why or what the increase was for?
Deeds, not words

Carpentersville, IL
Going along with what PeteC2 See Profile said, you should be able to do a line by line comparison with your last bill (which as you said is $14.00 less) with your current bill (which has the $14.00 increase), and then figure out where the increase comes from.

Sure, looking at the "bottom line" there is a difference of $14.00. I know on my Comcast bill, it is broken down in the following ways.

On Page #1, is the total due, and right below that, is the high level of each service you have (Internet Service, Other Charges and Credits, Taxes and Fees, and so on), with the total amount for that given service item. Then on the back of Page #1, and onto a 2nd page (if needed) is the actual breakdown of each of these service items to show where they get the amount shown on Page #1. Adding up each service's section on Page #2 (and others if applicable), you will get the total shown on Page 1. Then, if you add up all your services on Page #1, you get the Total New Charges on Page 1. It's all simple math!

If you take the time to sit down and look at your bill, it should not be that hard to figure out what changed between the two. For all you know, you may have had multiple things change that add up to $14.00 (add a rented modem for $7, add DVR services for $3, and taxes go up $4, would total $14 as an example).

So, my suggestion would be to look at the bills, and see where the increase(s) are at. Then, we should be able to help you out to figure out why things went up.

--Brian Plencner

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reply to PeteC2
It is showing under Xfinity internet.

My promo was $19.99 and that ended in February 2012. The internet charge has been $34.99 and it just changed to $48.95.

I didn't read the fine print about the second promo. Their promos are invoiced using a drip method, they go up a little at a time. Could swear that originally I was told a different price because I think I would have bulked at a tad under $50. I was fairly happy with my DSL for $23 and I think I would have remembered I was buying something that would double in a year.

How can I prove what was or wasn't said a year ago.

Oh well.

Snohomish, WA
It's not that unusual to be offered 2 step promos that have the first 3-6-12 months at a super low price, and the next 3-6-12 at a meduim discount and finally rising to the normal Nationwide performance tier price of $48.95, which sounds like what happened to you.
You can call to confirm that's what happened.
They MIGHT be willing to extend it for another X months, but even if they push you to full price (what you have now) after 9 more months (assuming the 19/95 was also 9 months) your average price over 27 months (2years + ) is $34.xx a month, still a very good deal.


Chico, CA
reply to urdrwho
Unfortunately, you signed into a contract without knowing the full terms. You can try explaining the situation to the phone rep but all they can do is put you under a new promo. Cancelling the service is a risky tactic because sometimes they are very willing to cancel you without much retention offers.

Lincroft, NJ
reply to urdrwho
My 12 month double-play promotion also expired this month, with my (Performance) HSI charge jumping up by $14 too. I called and spoke to a billing agent and he reduced my HSI charge by $17 for the next 6 months [it helps being in a Verizon FiOS area ].

When that expires, I may consider then getting a triple-play promotion using my second phone line.


Cupertino, CA
reply to urdrwho
said by urdrwho:

My promo was $19.99 and that ended in February 2012. The internet charge has been $34.99 and it just changed to $48.95.

That sounds about right. When I switched back from AT&T DSL over a year ago, I paid 19.99 for the first 6 months, 34.99 for the second 6 months and 46.95 from that point forward (until Comcast raised the non-promo price to 49.99). Judging by the dates in your post, you signed up a few months after I did so I suspect you got the same promo.