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Re: Harper Government declares Internet a Necessity

To clarify, Xplornet doesn't offer a 4G wireless stick. It's WiMAX and it's a fixed-wireless service (a modem is mounted on your house). The RJ45 is then run to your PC or router inside.

What the press is likely reporting is what residents are experiencing with the cellular providers and their equipment...

That could be it.
So that 3 choices. Which is a heck of a lot more than many have.

Though I agree mobile should not be an option, but it is in many communities and the gov even gives Bell money to set this up (this is what the rural broadband fund has been paying for). But for Sask, they seem to be special for some reason.

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CBC states they have the option of Xplornet & 4G mobile internet stick
SaskTel changing rural high-speed internet service
» ··· tel.html

PostMedia states people have the choice of satellite and 4G mobile internet stick
For example, SaskTel has calculated about 7,000 of the affected customers could move onto a high-speed satellite service option while "99.99-per-cent" of the remaining 1,000 could be covered by a "mobile stick" system that utilizes the new 4G (fourth-generation) Internet technology that recently became available.
SaskTel plays down rural Internet changes that impact some users
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PostMedia goes on to state 4G stick is unacceptable:
The other option being offered is an Internet "stick" which, as columnist Murray Mandryk noted Wednesday, only works with devices with USB ports, which excludes smart phones and iPads.
SaskTel plan hurts customers
» ··· ory.html

Plus they also have Rogers and Telus there.
Rogers unveils LTE network for Regina, Saskatoon Rogers touts LTE network
» ··· ory.html

That's more options than many in Ontario & Quebec and yet the gov never stepped in. Unless it was to give money to Bell, Rogers or Telus to bring you a mobile internet stick and rob you blind.

Per SaskTel:
"So there are two options; it just depends on whether you're in the coverage zone - or not - of our 4G or satellite because the high-speed throughput, for the moment, has a few whites spaces."

Seems to me everything is already covered. People just don't want the "usage plans", "Data limits", "Contracts", and "Fines" that come with 4g and/or satellite, and the gov appears to be agreeing with them.

So they already have coverage, there is no need to give a speech about internet being a "Necessity". They have more than what a lot of other rural people have.

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.