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Land O Lakes, FL
reply to simba1994

Re: [Internet] Lightning speeds bumped *slightly* in Pinellas?

I noticed the same thing here in Wesley Chapel. I didn't know if it was a temporary situation or due to an intentional change.


Looks like it was intentional.

Cable Modem Operation Configuration
General Configuration
Network Access : Allowed
Maximum Number of CPEs : 1
Baseline Privacy : Enabled
Primary Downstream Service Flow
SFID : 64
Priority : 0
Max Traffic Rate : 49459200 bps
Max Traffic Burst : 12800 bytes
Max Concatenated Burst : 1522 bytes
Primary Upstream Service Flow
SFID : 63
Priority : 0
Max Traffic Rate : 6182400 bps
Max Traffic Burst : 40640 bytes
Max Concatenated Burst : 40640 bytes
Scheduling Type :

Cisco Kid

Hmmmm....not getting those speeds here in Palm Harbor, in fact my Up Load has been under 41/4.7. Maybe it coming to my neighborhood in the near future?



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I'm in Central Florida and I noticed it yesterday. I'm on the 40/5 service and now I get this. Great news!

Cisco Kid

The question is, is this just spotty glitches, or is this by design? I am in Northern Pinellas and continue with my 40/5.



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I would think that this isn't a glitch. I would like to know what they are aiming for though? Maybe 47/6?

Heck anything is better then nothing though, I'm a BIG time downloader and before I would max out at 5.0 megabytes per second and now it's 5.7!! It's not a huge difference but makes up for it with 20-30GB downloads!

Cisco Kid

If not a Glitch; why so "spotty". The original Post was from a customer in Pinellas, another in Westley Chapel...unable to tell where the others are located. I am in Northern Pinellas.....and I have not seen the increase. You would think if BHN by design increased the speeds....it wouldn't be so spotty......


I would feel the same way, maybe they are increasing the speeds by region in time and not all at once.

I remember like 4-5yrs ago when there was a free bump in speed from 15/5 to 20/5 because of FIOS competition and it took a bit for all counties to get it


Orlando, FL
reply to Cisco Kid
Mine in Orlando had remained at 40.8/5.17 (SamKnows test every couple hours; or slightly slower using BHN test) UNTIL I power-cycled Moto modem this morning. After modem power-cycle, got 47/6 (Speakeasy Speed Test). I am Lightning-only customer (until tomorrow when I add limited Basic TV).


There is a thought Cisco Kid. Maybe power cycle your modem and recheck the speeds. Remember to take out the battery in modem when power cycling to insure it.

Cisco Kid

That was it.....speeds using BHN Site just now 45.32/5.66. Second time I performed the Test the site connected with Indy....34.3/4.3

I have always felt that BHN does so many things great; but; their communications need some real improvement. Why not let customers know well in advance they are bumping up the Internet speeds as opposed to Customers finding out on their own?

Like the new Guide; I got an automated call that the new Grey Guide was coming....2 days after I got it. When they release a Guide maybe months later we will get an insert in out Bill outlining changes...but rarely are they instructions.

Isn't this the "Horse before the Cart"


Largo, FL
reply to Thenightman4
said by Thenightman4:

Maybe power cycle your modem and recheck the speeds. Remember to take out the battery in modem when power cycling to insure it.

That would explain the bump in my speeds a few days ago. I was moving some equipment around in my entertainment center and rebooted the modem manually after reconnecting the router.