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Re: Garage addition

I would charge extra to work around fiberglass vs. clean work.
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said by AVD:

I would charge extra to work around fiberglass vs. clean work.

I could see and understand that. I also know cash is king and they get paid cash so they didn't even say a word when they seen the insulation except the boss said "Work around it". They had a rookie with them teaching him the ropes so guess who got the insulation work? The other 2 guys were happy to see insulation they told me. Even without that new ceiling insulation they would have had to go through old insulation anyways to get the sub-panel wire from the house to the garage. That was nasty work and couldn't be avoided. The new insulation is pretty easy to work all things considered. They are good guys and I'm throwing them some bonus inside electrical work and a possible 100 to 200 amp upgrade. Had they tried to charge more for the original job I'd have given the new work to someone else. I treat my contractors very well. I provided them with pizza/wings and anything they wanted for drinks all day yesterday too. I even gave one of the guys my old 12,000-14,000 BTU wall a/c unit free that was in the wall since he wanted it. The same guy wants all my left over insulation as well so that's his when I'm done with it.
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