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Re: Good

Sprint is designed as a growth company, like all of Craig McCaw's other companies.

The problem is that the wireless industry is starting to saturate. Once the growth in data plans ends, the players will only be able to grow by taking customers from each other.

At that point, Sprint's lack of profitability and high debt load will really put it at a disadvantage against the other national carriers. This is especially true with an enlarged T-Mobile.


Cleveland, OH
And that is their problem- money. Sprint will run out of it and fast if they don't find something to get customers. the iPhone will only last for so long. Once TMO starts rolling out their HSPA fully they'll be taking iPhone5 customers from AT&T and alike. People will be shopping on price and nobody but TMO is set up for that. Sprint think's they're better than TMO when it comes to pricing, when in reality, they're NOT a ATT Mobility or CellCo style of company.

Sprint will end up being an MVNOE and moving on that side. It would make sense for them with all of the MVNOs they currently have using their network. The only other option would be them selling out and the owners of TracFone taking over, and turning them into a true discount provider.

Hell- As of today Straight Talk is now using the Sprint Home Device and giving away home phone for $15 a month with EVERYTHING included, $20/30 will net you international calling on a home phone. Something Sprint would never do.