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Ridgewood, NY
reply to T1249NTSCJ9

Re: Is this Fios Wiring on my block?

said by T1249NTSCJ9:

I'm on Woodward Avenue a few blocks from I.S. 93. I've seen Verizon working on the utility poles many times now but their service isn't still up and running.

that might be a problem with building management not allowing fios/verizon to install the fios stuff. I think the CO is still on the corner of gates ave and fairview ave which means you should be pretty close and should of gotten it by now. Check with your landlord to see if they were contacted by verizon. Did you also try calling up verizon and asking if fios is available, their site may not be update to date
Oddly for me, whenever i checked the website it always used to say fios not available for my address. Yet, when i called them on how to lower my phone/dsl bundle price i was given an upgrade to fios triple play which make me eligible for fios. It wasn't until a few days after i ordered fios that the website finally updated to show that fios is in my area/building


Ridgewood, NY

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I'll call up Verizon tomorrow and see what's going on.


·Verizon FiOS
reply to shof515
Interesting that you pointed that out when you called "them" , I actually went on CHAT and was asking for services then by accident I checked fios site and it said fios is avaliable like 2-3 days later, I always thought those chat reps are useless.

Give that a try !