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Re: Interesting

Yes I get that they're a MVNO. What matters is that they are the only Wireless provider in America that offers plans that many people want. Some only use $12.95 per month. Therefore, why would they want unlimited everything for $50 on MetroPCS.

For example, I pay a fraction for my phone service using CallCentric and the quality is excellent. That is what I want, as I don't need unlimited everything. Apart from PP, which wireless carrier provides the equivalent service?



These people are in the minority. There are far more people going wireless-only than those using BYOD VoIP providers. On DSLReports, it sure feels like it's the other way around, but DSLReports is a pretty self-selecting group.

Not only are they a minority, but they're a low-revenue minority. So they're even less consequential in terms of revenue. Therefore, the carriers aren't really that worried about losing these customers -- even if it's to MVNOs on their own network.

(Of course, there's also the problem of wireless being an oligopoly. In an oligopoly situation, nobody wants to launch a price war.)