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Re: DTV illegal in Canada? What is the legal justification?

My topic is not meant to for a discussion of how to acquire DTV. Instead, it is meant to discuss the legal justification for classifying it under the criminal code.

theft is a crime; assault is a crime; fraud is a crime; using a foreign TV channel is also a crime. However, the latter does not fit the bill of what our society see as "illegal".

Based on your assertion, we are not allowed to question the legitimacy of a law because the item described it is "illegal" ?

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Johnkim: At least call it by the correct name

DTV is Digital TV. It is over the air, free as in beer, drawn in my a good old fashioned antenna, in 1080p hi definition glory TV

What you are referring to is Digital Satellite Television

Not the same thing, use the correct terminology.

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reply to johnkim
said by johnkim:

theft is a crime;

Theft of telecommunications is a criminal code matter. Using an illegal dish is allowing you to view material which others have paid money for to distribute in Canada. Your action is infringing on their business model. You are stealing from them.
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