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Transfer over wifi is slow, but is it really THIS slow?

I knew that transfer over wifi is slow from reading articles, but this is the first time I'm attempting to transfer around 500 gigs and really notice how slow it is. I'm wondering if this is normal?

I have a old G router. Speedbooster my ass. It's transferring at a rate of 1 - 1.4 Mbps.

When I transfer to another device over ethernet connected directly to the router, it transfers around 11 Mbps which is slow too, but only 1 Mb over wifi? Seriously? I know 54 Mbps is theoretical, but come on this is ridiculous.



Yes, it's that slow.

First things first, get your units right. 1 Megabyte (MB) = 8 Megabits (Mb). Notice the big B vs little b. I think you mean 1.0-1.4MB/s for Wi-Fi transfer speed, 500GB for your file size, and 11MBps for wired speed.

1.0-1.4MB/s is middling 802.11g speed. That's 8.0-11.2Mbps. As you know ethernet blows this away at 88Mbps. Under excellent conditions (you live in farm country and your microwave oven is off), you can get 25Mb/s. I think 54Mb/s is impossible, even in a lab. Typically speed is in the teen Mb/s, obviously less if neighbors also have 2.4GHz devices. Finally, if you are copying between two wireless devices, speeds will be further cut in half since they both share the same channel.

If you want to move 500GB of stuff, I suggest you copy it onto a drive and copy off. Even USB2 @ 25MB/s of actual throughput will be faster than 100Mbps ethernet. I estimate 100Mbps ethernet will take 12 hours (!) to move 500GB. Gigabit ethernet would be the fastest option.

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Re: Transfer over wifi is slow, but is it really THIS slow?

Second ydoodle's last paragraph. 500GB over wireless?!

If you're a bit of a geek at heart, I'd get a program called IPERF to do some throughput testing.
That basically takes the CPU and hard drive out of the picture and tests the maximum network
throughput speed your gear can pump.


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G wifi should be able to to 2.1MB/sec
N will get you (if you go wide channel) 4-5.MB/Sec
N-5Ghz gets you to 8-9MB/Sec

100Mbit wired ethernet gets you to 9-11MB/sec

USB 2.0: 20-30MB/sec

gigbit should be as fast as your HDD (if its not raid or SSD)

If I were transferring 500GB, I would use gigabit wired, or a USB, esata, or firewire drive + sneakernet
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