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reply to Kaltes

Re: Guild Wars 2 WvW is lame

the zerg is punished

if you see a zerg, then something else of the enemy team is not defended enough, and you can usually take it with low numbers if you have the proper siege

you can defend against the zerg with proper siege equipment as well

but getting the whole team to cooperate is the hard part

because it becomes zerg vs. zerg, zerg attacks, gets wiped, they counter zerg and then wipe

Los Angeles, CA
if my zerg is significantly bigger than your zerg, my zerg will win every time. at most, my zerg only has to build its own siege to kill yours with and you cant sally to kill my siege since your team would just die.

my zerg cares not for holding points, only taking them. you can have them back after my team takes them if you like, because we will just come right back and take it right back, for yet another nice reward. eventually, after you see that my bigger zerg will always take points much faster than your smaller one, and so will therefore control more of the map, and if our zergs fight mine will always win... eventually your players will lose morale and leave, making my zerg's domination complete.

and that is pretty much how wvw goes.