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Vancouver, BC
reply to ShawSean

Re: [ALL] Ask ShawSean

Hey Sean,

I changed my service to BB100 up from BB50 and had some issues.(nothing from Shaw) I did a switch back to BB50 and everything is great; however, the CSR's have charged me for BB100, unbundled all my services and are charging me individually for them. I called to have it fixed, they said there was a work order was sent to some division to get codes they needed to fix the issue on my bill, it is open still as of 10/2/12. I originally called about the fixing of my bill well over a week ago. Think you can help?


Vernon, BC
Hey guys, sorry for the delay in responding - have that nasty bug that's going around right now... hopefully you guys don't catch it.

Anyway - @Laird - responded to your pm

@tlhIngan - For equipment upgrades you'll have to contact customer service - that really isn't my area of expertise.

@derppp - We're currently working on the Android app, there's no current ETA for release however.

@Mike_C - This I don't know Mike. If you send me your account details and the channels you'd like to see added to the lineup, I can put through that request.

Shaw Community Manager
This is a sub-selection from [ALL] Ask a Shaw Rep