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Re: [MoP] New heroics - my first experiences

How many new dungeons are there with MOP?
I read something about speed runs, challenges, 3 man dungeons? and other stuff.
From what I'm reading about this expansion, it sounds awesome.

I also heard about some sort of pokemon battle thing with critters?

Sounds like Blizz went all out with this expansion...

Nick D
Orange, CA
4 85-89 dungeons (Temple of the Jade Serpent, Stormstout Brewery, Shado-pan Monastery, Mogu'shan Palace)
2 new level 90 ("heroic") dungeons (Gate of the Setting Sun, Siege of Niuzao)
2.5 revamps (Scholomance, and Scarley Monstary + Scarlet Halls)
level 90 of all above dungeons = 9 heroic dungeons

Each of these dungeons have a Challenge Mode. These are 5 man, non-queueable, gear normalized (all your gear gets downsized to heroic 5 man item level to prevent overgearing), that awards no stat gear. They're very hard time trial versions for competition purposes.

There's 3 man Scenarios, whicha re quick and easy instances that do not require any specific comp (triple DPS, tank if you want, etc) that are queued up like dungeons. They rarely award gear (sans some specific one-off quests), but do award valor and gold. They're designed for quick "group quest" style options.


Sounds pretty neat. Thanks for the info.

Also - what sort of class are the Monks? I assume healer/dps/tank? Similar to a Paladin?

Looks like I may have to buy MOP pretty soon...

Nick D
Orange, CA

Leather wearers (they share gear with druids), tank (brewmaster,leather agil like bears), healer (mistweaver), and windwalker (melee DPS, leather agil).